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Are you a gamer or a professional who is confused to buy a graphic card due to brand variety of brands in the market? No doubt, it’s really a difficult task to find out the best graphics card manufacturers in 2022 for your PC or laptop. Maybe you are also thinking about how many companies make graphics cards?

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We are providing solutions by discussing the best top 10 graphics card manufacturers on the bases of their overall rating in the world. In other words, we are going to discuss top graphics card brands. Some of these are the best manufacturer for Nvidia cards especially.

A decent graphics card can even affect how quickly your browser renders content, and GPUs are becoming increasingly popular as bitcoin mining tools. Normally graphics card manufacturers’ rankings are based on these qualities.

A laptop or PC without the best graphics card is just like a human who doesn’t have creative power. In other words, even if you aren’t a hardcore player, buying the correct graphics card is becoming increasingly vital.

While some card companies have a well-deserved reputation for delivering high-quality goods, no brand is totally consistent.

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These brand guidelines can serve as a starting point, but comparing individual models side by side will yield the best results.
You should never compromise with a graphic card brand with low capabilities due to budget issues, always try to approach the best brand with capabilities you want to have in it. You can make a graphics card manufacturer’s comparison and select the best one for you.

Important Mobile Tech News:

­­Here,  you can have the list of top graphics card manufacturers who manufactures graphics cards and have their name in the market.

1. Nvidia


Nvidia is the largest graphics card manufacturer and has always portrayed itself as the sports car of the GPU industry, offering the finest performance at a premium that scales with that performance.

However, because of increased competition in recent years, they have reduced their costs, making the best high-end cards in the game more accessible.

That is, at least, the theoretical assumption. Recent supply chain failures have resulted in severe shortages and cost increases.

However, as the dust settles, we can expect the dynamic to remain unchanged.

For gamers and creative professionals who demand the best, Nvidia remains the clear leader, and the GeForce RTX 3090 remains an amazing beast that easily outperforms the competition.

Important facts:

  • Net worth is $17.57
  • Brand Country is the USA
  • Was founded in April 1993
  • Founder and CEO is Jensen Haung
  • Headquarters in Santa Clara, California
  • Products are GPU, CPU, Chipsets, Drivers
  • The current rating is 8.8
  • The current rating is 8.8

 2. AMD (Radeon):


Aside from recent market volatility, AMD has historically been the brand to beat when it comes to monetary value.

That remains the case, with the exception of a few mid-to-upper-tier models where Nvidia outperforms Radeon in terms of both price and performance.

However, things are a little more balanced now than they were previously. After years of being technologically behind Nvidia, their latest Navi CPU with RDNA architecture has narrowed the gap.

In other words, as proven by the raw power of the Radeon RX 6700 XT, they finally have some cards that can compete in the high echelon.


· Net worth is $4.9 Billion

· Brand country is the USA

· Founder is Jerry Sanders

· Current CEO is Lisa Su

· Headquarters in Santa Clara, California, USA

· Products are motherboards and GPU

· Rating in the market is 8.7



Asus is well-known for its high performance, quality, and capability of job squeezing. It has this list of cards: GeForce RTX™ 30 Series. GeForce RTX™ 3090Ti · GeForce RTX 20 Series. GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti · GeForce® GTX 16 Series. GeForce® GTX 1660 Ti · GeForce® GTX 10 Series.

Important Facts:

  • Its net worth is NT$ 182 Billion
  • Taiwan is its mother country
  • Its found date is 2 April 1989
  • The names of its founder are Ted Hsu, T.H Tung, M.T Liao, and Wayne
  • Its current CEOs are S.Y Hsu and Samson Hu
  • Its headquarters is Beitou
  • Famous products are desktops, Laptop, Netbook, Mobile Phones, and Networking equipment
  • Brand rating is 9.2

4. MSI


MSI is one of the great Graphics Card Manufacturers working with both Nvidia and AMD GPU, so you can consider MSI always for all of your hardware properties if you want to buy for the best results. This company is considered one of the top 10 graphic card companies.
MSI never compromises with the quality, it’s long-lasting as someone’s life starts and ends, MSI performance will be the same.

Some amazing factors about MSI:

  • Its net worth is $35.18 Billion
  • Its mother or manufacturer is also Taiwan
  • It was founded on Aug 4, 1986
  • The list of Founders contains: Henry Lu, Jeans Haung, and Kenny Yu
  • Chiang Sheng-Chang is its current CEO
  • It’s famous for gaming laptops, desktops, monitors, and other products
  • Its current rating is 9.1

5. Gigabyte


Gigabyte has lifetime guarantee products but quality always has its price. So Gigabyte is selling almost the same products as other brands are selling but quality and price are also efficient which makes it more reliable. This brand offers a variety of cards built around the chips for Nvidia and AMD. Gigabyte has been awarded to be one of the top 10 Graphics Card Manufacturers.

Gigabyte’s Specifications contain:

  • Its net worth is $2 Billion
  • The manufacturer country is Taiwan
  • It was founded in 1986
  • The name of its founder is Pei-Chen Yeh
  • Present CEO is Ming Hsiung Liu
  • Famous products are computer graphic cards, peripherals, and computer cases
  • It’s current rating in the market is 9.0

6. eVGA


eVGA is known for providing excellent customer service and a warranty that is valid even if your card has been overclocked. eVGA is one of the top graphics card manufacturers.

That isn’t to say that their work isn’t good. eVGA cards aren’t usually the most attractive, but they’re reliable workhorses that compare favorably to other top-tier performers in terms of value for money.
Important Properties are:

  • Its Net worth is $150 Million
  • The manufacturer country is the USA
  • It was founded in July 1999
  • The founder was Andrew Han
  • It is famous for graphics cards, Cases, Gaming Mice, Monitors and power suppliers
  • It’s rating in the market is 9.0

7. Sapphire


Sapphire is the best company for Graphics Card Manufacturers. Overclocking no longer has the harmful reputation it once did, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore graphics card cooling.
This brand is famous for its packing of cooling systems and these cooling systems are most reliable.
The cards that are manufactured by this brand are silent and have an extraordinary capability to manage the temperature. Sapphire is only working with AMD GPU but these cards can work inside and outside.

Important factors to keep eye on:

  • Networth is $1.7 Billion
  • This appeared in Hong Kong
  • It was founded in 2001
  • Founder and  is Manoj Betawar
  • Motherboards and Graphics cards are its famous products
  • Rating in the market is 8.0

8. XFX


XFX is a brand that works only with AMD graphics but these are the best in their quality. XFX is grown up with the high competition in the market and has occupied a major space there.
If we talk about the prices, it’s affordable but that does not mean it has low quality.
Some important facts about XFX:

  • Its Net worth is $820 Million
  • Its a USA based company
  • Its founded is around 2002
  • Headquater is Ontario, California USA
  • Its serves in USA, UK, Spain, Germany, France, and some other countries along with Poland and South Africa
  • The current rating in the market is 7.9



This brand is not well known as the others above but is ranked due to the variety of offers and the best budget graphics cards. This brand has multiple choices regarding budget and offering only Nvidia cards because this company has lower numbers of partners when compared to AMD.
Some specialties from ZOTAC:

  • Net worth is $800 Million
  • Appeared from hong kong
  • Was founded in September 2006
  • The founder and CEO name is Tony Wong
  • Products are Graphic cards, mini PC, and computer
  • Brand rating is 8.8

10. Palit


Palit, a Taiwanese company is one of the most important participants in the Asian graphics card market.

Just Like ZOTAC, this brand is also famous for its light cost but if we talk about the quality, it’s good for its quality as well. Both Palit and ZOTAC are perfect in product working.

Palit is working with Nvidia for graphic cards.

Important points:

  • It has $100 million in net worth
  • The mother country is Taiwan
  • It was founded in 1988
  • The founder and CEO is Li Shilong
  • Headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Graphics card is the reason to get popularity
  • Its current rating is 8.5



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