Introduction to Keyboard and 8 Types of keyboards

Types of keyboards

In this article, we are going to discuss what a keyboard is and the types of keyboards. A keyboard is one of the primary input devices used with a computer. Like an electric typewriter, a keyboard is made of buttons used to create letters, numbers, and symbols, and perform additional functions.

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Keyboard overview:

The keyboard consists of control keys, function keys, wrist pad, keypad, and arrow keys. The most commonly used keyboard layout is QWERTY.

Types of keyboards:

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Types of keyboards are based on size and their method of use. Those types are examined beneath:

1. Multimedia Keyboard:

 The Keyboard that has all mixed media buttons is called a multimedia keyboard. This includes play, stop past, next, volume up, volume down, and mute. Multimedia keyboards are the most common types of keyboards. Some of the keyboards contain Cherry MAX switches, we already have a blog for Best 3 Mechanical Keyboards with Cherry MX Switches.

2. Mechanical Keyboard:

 The keyboard which involves actual buttons for each key is known as a mechanical keyboard. It makes a sound when each key is pressed. A button is pushed down and an electrical sign is gone which then shows the characters.

3. Wireless Keyboard:

Bluetooth, IR innovation, or Radio Frequency is utilized to connect the keyboard with the computer. We can port the keyboard and the parent framework isn’t required close to the console. These are lightweight and smaller in size. These keyboards have a transmitter and trans-receiver. Transmitter sends the strokes from the keyboard as radio waves and the trans-receiver received it kept close to the parent device.

4. Virtual Keyboard:

 The keyboards which we used on mobile phones are called virtual keyboards. This keyboard seems when required and vanishes when our work is finished. This can be naturally set according to requirements.

5. Ergonomical Keyboard:

This keyboard is essentially designed for clients who utilize both hands for writing. The benefit of this keyboard is less muscle strain and carpal passage disorder for clients. This keyboard is costly and not reasonable for common people.

6. QWERTY Keyboard:

 The previous typewriters had keys in the reach QWERTY because of the arrangement of letters. Early computer keyboards were arranged in a similar way for the convenience of typewriter users. This keyboard is the most widely recognized one used by us all and hence needs no introduction. You can find the 5 best budget Mechanical keyboards under 100$ in 2022.

7. Gaming Keyboard:

The keyboard that has only some keys specific for gamers is called a gaming keyboard. W, S, D, A and bolt keys are the main keys you could find on this keyboard. The design is so unique that anybody could love this.

8. Bluetooth Keyboard:

 The keyboard is associated with the system utilizing Bluetooth and hence the USB port can be utilized for different purposes. This keyboard gives flexibility to the wired keyboard.

Uses of Keyboard:

We have some uses for the keyboard.

  • We can type the letters and numbers using the keyboard. We also add special commands on the keyboard. We can input data using the keyboard.
  • Most functions can be done by a keyboard without the use of the mouse.
  • Shortcut keys are utilized to access any files so that mouse use can be kept away.
  • The control key and escape key can be utilized in the majority of functions for different purposes.

Laptop Keyboard:

A laptop keyboard is more organized uniquely than a desktop keyboard. Mostly the keyboard used in laptops is smaller in size because they place the keys closer or by including an Fn key. The Fn key is utilized to give other keys at least a couple of times work. Also, many laptop keyboards generally omit the numeric keypad to save space.

Why is the keyboard an input device?

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A keyboard is an input device because it only sends data and does not receive anything. As you type on the keyboard, you are putting data into the computer. You can find the 5 Best white Mechanical Keyboards if you are a color lover.

Does a computer need a keyboard?

 Numerous clients are shocked to discover that a keyboard is viewed as a fringe and that a PC can work without one. In fact, assuming you have a USB keyboard, you can disconnect it now, and you see that the PC keeps on working without it.


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