5 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard under $200

Gaming Keyboard under $200

Are you tight on budget and looking for Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard under $200? yes, of course, you are, That’s why are reading this page. So just feel relaxed, you are important to us and we are gonna make you easy by discussing cheap best mechanical keyboards under $200. After reading this article, you will be able to buy the right keyboard within your budget without compromising on quality.

If you don’t like the noise, you can see the Top 6 Silent Mechanical Keyboards.

There are many gaming mechanical keyboards available in the market but all keyboards are not at the same price some keyboards are much higher prices with high-quality performance. But some keyboards are higher price with low quality. Same as some keyboards are at low price with high quality and few keyboards are cheap price with cheap quality. Are you sure you are Fully aware of mechanical keyboards? if not, we have a blog for the basic intro.

Some users are not willing to purchase high price keyboards, therefore, we are about to discuss a few best gaming mechanical keyboards for a cheap price, also we cannot compromise on the quality of these cheap gaming mechanical keyboards. So, our recommended Gaming Keyboard under $200 would be great for performance and are affordable as well.

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Does a mechanical keyboard improve gaming? OR Will a mechanical keyboard improve gaming?

Yeah of course! Mechanical keyboards improve gaming because we never give features that we expect for gaming from old membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards must give those features that a gamer expects.

The key switches are used in these mechanical keyboards which upraise the speed of typing and enhanced gaming features. A mechanical keyboard is better for gaming the reliability is very satisfying. Their RGB lights can be visible keys and are elegant for the keyboard. These lights are very helpful in late night working and if you’re a night gamer then these lights are suitable for you. We can customize these RGB backlights through function keys.

Function keys are also available in gaming mechanical keyboards. These function keys can control screen brightness, and volume, you can easily pause, or skip the video, etc. Gaming mechanical keyboards also deliver an N-key option which means an N-key telling how many keys you press at a time. You can press six keys at a time on a mechanical keyboard which is not possible on old membrane keyboards and these options will help in playing gaming.

However, if you improve your gaming then must use Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, that’s all. Also, we have some tips for you to be a better gamer.

What mechanical keyboard switches are best for Gaming?

If you wanna your Mechanical Keyboard best for Gaming then must use high-quality feature switches and you can compare the switches. There are the following two best switches for games known Cherry Speed Silver and Red Optical Switch. These two switches are much better than others you should use and you feel a change in gaming that these switches work efficiently and fast.

By the way, Cherry MX switches are the most popular mechanical keyboard switches that are used in the world. Now, there we discuss some best mechanical keyboards under $200, but if you are tighter on budget and looking more cheap products than $200, we still have an option of 5 best budget Mechanical keyboards under 100$ in 2022.

So here we have a list of the Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards under $200. So let’s start…

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1. Corsair k100: (Mechanical Gaming keyboard under $200)

Corsair k100 min


  • The cover of the Corsair k100 mechanical gaming keyboard is made with aluminum which is the most reliable material for keyboards.
  • The cuts and design of the k100 mechanical keyboard are very elegant.
  • There are animated RGB lights are built into the k100 gaming keyboard.
  • You can set backlights from the keyboard according to your taste.
  • The K100 gaming mechanical keyboard gives the feature of screen control and easily controls screen brightness, level of volume, pausing or skipping any video, and many more.
  • The color of k100 is black and there were 110 keys available.

If you are color-conscious, you should visit 5 Best white Mechanical Keyboards that may be more comfortable for you.

However, the technology of the k100 mechanical gaming keyboard under $200 is very latest and it works very fast and smoothly. The price of a k100 gaming mechanical keyboard starts from $192.95.

2. SteelSeries Apex Pro: (Best gaming mechanical keyboard under $200)

SteelSeries Apex Pro min


SteelSeries Apex Pro is one of the best Gaming Keyboard under $200. If you are willing to buy the best one, you must go through this keyboard.

  • SteelSeries apex pro is solve many drawbacks of previous keyboards through the mechanical switches of OmniPoint. OmniPoint is a red mechanical switch that gives the smooth feel of typing and these switches are adjustable. It allows for modification of actuation distance from 0.4mm to 3.6mm.
  • The material of Apex pro gaming mechanical keyboard is very reliable and strong aluminum used for long-term durability.
  • For the armrest, there is magnetic wrist rest used for comfortable of users.
  • RGB backlights are built into Apex pro mechanical gaming keyboard and there are 16.8 million colors per key which are very elegant and attractive.

However, this $188.99 mechanical keyboard for gaming gives reliable and efficient features which is much unique and better than others as the Best Gaming Keyboard under $200.

3. Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed 65% Wireless (Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming under $200)


  • Does Razer have a 65% keyboard? Blackwidow V3 is a 65% gaming mechanical keyboard. The connection of the V3 mechanical gaming keyboard is through Hyper Speed Wireless for fast gaming.
  • We play games fluently with wireless gaming mechanical keyboard. We also charge the V3 keyboard while working or playing games with a USB connection.
  • The battery life of the V3 Black Widow is 200 hours which means you can easily play games or work without any battery problem through wireless connectivity and this wireless gaming mechanical keyboard takes almost 5 hours to charge.  We also connect with Bluetooth.
  • Razer V3 gaming mechanical keyboard is connected to multiple systems with a wireless connection.
  • The keycaps built into the V3 keyboard are very efficient and RGB backlights spread on all keys very elegantly and smoothly. Therefore, the Razer V3 mechanical gaming keyboard feels very ergonomic and comfortable.
  • Typing experience of the Razer mechanical keyboard for gaming is very comfortable and smooth.
  • Green Mechanical switches are used and Keycaps are noisy which makes a great hearing feel for gamers.

So, the working and gaming experience is very different and durable of this Razer Black Widow gaming mechanical keyboard under $200. The actual starting price of the V3 Razer mechanical keyboard for gaming is $179.99.

4. Logitech G613 Lightspeed Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming:

Logitech G613 Lightspeed Wireless Mechanical Keyboard min


  • Is Lightspeed Wireless Bluetooth? Bluetooth connectivity is embedded in the G613 best gaming mechanical keyboard under $200 and compatible with Mac Operating System X 10.12, Android 3.2, Windows 8, or the latest, and Chrome Operating System. Bluetooth feature is used for fast connection with 1 or more devices.
  • AA batteries are built into the G613 wireless gaming mechanical keyboard for backup. How long does G613 battery last? The life of batteries depends on your usage and you can easily use these 2 AA batteries for 18 months without any interruption.
  • Silent Romer G gaming mechanical switches are used in the G613 Light Speed mechanical keyboard and the life of these switches is 70M clicks. Is G613 clicky? G613 is less comfortable for gaming purposes because the clicky experience in gaming is no better.
  • However, if you’re a typist then the G613 mechanical keyboard is best for you. Is Logitech G613 compatible with PS5? Wireless gaming mechanical keyboards give an amazing experience in PS5 gaming. Because we can easily connect to any device and easily enjoy games. $168.89 Light Speed gaming mechanical keyboard gives many reliable and attractive features for gamers and other types of workers.

5. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT: (Best Gaming Mechanical Keyboard under $200)

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT min


  • K95is the best gaming mechanical keyboard under $200 through the quality of the material. Polybutylene Terephthalate material is used in K95.
  • This PBT material is just an amazing material for gaming mechanical keyboards. Therefore, users and experts prefer PBT material for gaming keyboards.
  • Producing keycaps with Polybutylene Terephthalate material they look shiny, elegant, and durable for a long time. Cherry MX RGB key switches are used. Cherry MX mechanical key switches deliver smoothness, efficiency, durability, and perfection in typing and as well as in gaming.
  • Customizable RGB backlights are available in every key. These backlights are changeable according to your taste and also you can vibrate. RGB lights make the keyboard more elegant with colorful keys. For the wrist, rest there will be a leather cushioned palm rest used in the K95 gaming mechanical keyboard which gives more comfort to the user.
  • Six specific programmable macro keys are built for the advantage of gaming.
  • These keys are programmed through Elgato Stream Deck software and used for special stream commands. Programmable keys are also used for complex key remaps in mechanical gaming keyboards under $200. I think these specifications and features are best in just a $189.99 mechanical keyboard for gaming.

If we have to choose:

Overall our observations say that we recommend you to purchase this SteelSeries Apex Pro best gaming mechanical keyboard under $200 because there will be Omnipoints is used for increasing actuation distance, speed, and efficiency. Omnipoint technology solves many drawbacks of gaming mechanical keyboards and SteelSeries gives these amazing features at a comfortable price. So, you can buy SteelSeries mechanical gaming keyboard because this is better than others that’s it.

So, hopefully, you like our blog. The only thing you can do is read this blog before purchasing any mechanical gaming keyboard because you can get a great idea from our blog secondly, you can subscribe to our blog for the updation of new blogs.


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