ExDialer Android App for Android 12 is ready

ExDialer Android App for Android 12

Are you looking for ExDialer Android App for Android 12?  If you are reading this article, it means you are extremely concerned about What happened to ExDialer or why the exDialer app is not available on the google play store.

No Doubt, the ExDialer app is ever considered to be a fast app. Like you, Thousand of Users are looking for answers to the same question. So, in this article, I am gonna unveil the reasons caused for the unavailability of the ExDialer app but before this, I would like to discuss the features for which this app is still in search on the play store or google.

ExDialer App Features:

  • Simple and User-friendly interface 
  • Fastest response
  • Enrich with multiple and beautiful themes
  • Smart contact search
  • Call log History

Why ExDialer is not working in Android 12? 

Answering this question, there could be more than one reason but found something that is nearest to reality and could be acceptable for the users to whom this app is made or who were regular users of ExDialer.

So, the reason is, Similar to every other release of Android up to this point, Android 12 occasionally experiences app crashes, malfunctions, slowness, and sometimes unavailability of the app.  Although there is typically no need to be concerned because bug fixes and patches are released frequently, it can nevertheless be very upsetting to experience problems with the most recent OS upgrade.

That means not finding ExDialer on the play store could be due to an android update and I strongly believe that is the right answer for the question we have above.


I am here not only to find the reason behind it but to have a solution for you too. Yes, I have a solution. I am happy to let you know that we can have Exdialer again… Yupeeeee….. That might be stunning for any regular Exdialer app user. So the answer of “ is exDialer gone? is NO. 

It’s the Best dialer app for Android without ads, you can enjoy the app whenever you want and you won’t see the ads disturb you again and again.

We can not only have the ExDialer Android App‘s latest version on the play store but also this upgrade is for the Exdialer android app for android 12. It means this version is compatible with android version 12. That also means you can enjoy your favorite dialer as well again. .. yeah….I am sure, you are wondering about having this amazing news about the Exdialer android app and going to install this app soon from the play store without waiting any more.

Who Built ExDialer Android App once again?

A well-known US-based  IT Company named 360Brains showed their interest in and built Exdialer again to fulfill the requirements of users who were looking for ExDialer. They kept a close eye on and understood how important this app was for its regular users. Hats off to the 360 Brains team for their deep analysis that was resulting in ExDialer app development and ExDialer Android App for Android 12 is working.

Screenshot 3 1

360Brains is the leader in providing innovative IT solutions to the global asset Android apps and web Development industry. This company provides a variety of IT services including E-Commerce store development, digital marketing, managed cloud hosting, and business intelligence. 

Founded in 2004 and now has over 2000 employees. Head Office is situated in California, USA.

What Features does the New ExDialer have?

Screenshot 2 1

The list of features that ExDialer’s new version contains could be the most important thing to know for the users and it should be…. Yeah.. as they were waiting for this app for a long time or we can say they were missing the app. So, here I am gonna discuss the features which have been upgraded, and replaced or the features that have been added recently by 360 brains to enhance the functionality of the ExDialer Android App for Android 12

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Important Features:

  • Fastest, Simplest, Intelligent
  • Only dual sim dialer available
  • Direct Message, direct dial to WhatsApp
  • Simple to use, single-screen dialer
  • The fastest dialer ever created

The Final Words:

So, Just go to the google play store, download, install and enjoy the app. You may have a better user experience rather than the old version. Also, I would say, you should give feedback to say thanks to 360brains for providing such an amazing best ExDialer application again. 

And in the end, I wanna say, It’s a pleasure for me to deliver happy news such as having Exdialer. Hope you like the blog, if yes, please subscribe to the blog for the more amazing latest news. Thank you

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