31xqt+0h qL. SL50041sqkhS9 OL. SL50051z8XLOllPL. SL500
Price: $1,948.55
(as of Jan 06,2023 08:21:21 UTC – Details)


*Multimode RGB: Multi modes of RGB are capable of displaying various light effects, can easily be customized and set up the color scheme.
*Reflow Soldering Module: 2*6mm+2*8mm heat pipes configuration features Reflow Soldering Module in heat dissipation solution, to enable each heat pipe to connect with cooling fins and optimize the cooling performance.
*One-Key Overclock: Easy and fast, simply press one button to achieve the overclocking performance.
*Auto Stop Technology: Intelligent start-stop fans. With lower noise and longer life.
*Silver Plating Technology: Conduct silver plating technology to ensure faster instruction transfer reaction of every component on the PCB board.